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New Compwood machines. New prices

Compwood has resumed the production of compression machines in a new and more flexible version. The new machines are designed with a newly developed V-shaped chamber, which enables the machine to withstand greater tolerances in the wood. At the same time, we have simplified the design, so we can offer Compwood machines at a very attractive price.

Compwood machine

Two Compwood machines sold

There has been a growing interest in Compwood machines over the past six months. Already within a month we have sold two machines. If you want to hear about the possibilities with Compwood-machines, please contact Bjarne Rasmussen.
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Live demonstration

Due to the increased demand, it is unfortunately not possible to demonstrate our machine at the factory before June.
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Compwood machine

Bend the rules

Compression machines for hardwood open up for a world of opportunities in the wood- and furniture industry. Compressed wood tolerates extreme modifications in shape and can be bent in all directions. This is a unique feature that adds new opportunities to work with design and aesthetics.

The last 30 years have innovative architects, furniture designers, artisans and instrument makers seen the possibilities in the technology which have leads to outstanding designs and solutions.

Ecofriendly production

Compression of tree is a hydraulic and mechanical process making it possible to bend and mould tree without use of chemicals and glue. That is a benefit for both the environment and for those people who work with the process.

Cost-effective investment

Compression machines give a row of economical advantages. The process requires either valuable aluminium moulds or large compression systems. Add to that less waste of material and less cost to subsequent processing and you have a very cost-effective investment. Actually the return on investment often will be within a year.

bended hard wood

We have bent the rules since 1988

Bending of wood has been known since the antiquity. At that time they use steam that demands extensive craftsman expertise and massive resources. Through many years people have tried to invent better methods for industrial bending of wood. Not until 1988 the crucial breakthrough came when DTI/Wood technique presented the first prototype of a compression machine.
Danish Technological Institute has take out a patent of the machine and it is this technology Compwood is based upon.

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